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Cancellation Policy


A G Licensing Reserves the right to cancel and/or re-schedule Boat/Jetski Licence Course or Driving Lessons at short notice, due to illness, unforseeable circumstances and unsuitable weather conditions.

We are a small family business and due to the large geographical area and number of customers that we service we need to be highly organised in order to best serve you, our customers. We work on a "first in - first served" basis. If you make a booking for a certain time, place etc. this might mean we need to "knock back" other customers. For this reason we have a strict cancellation policy.

If you do not turn up for a course or appointment, or fail to notify us within 24hrs of your intention to cancel an appointment, this may result in you being invoiced for the full cost of the lesson/course.

If you've previously cancelled a course with us at late or no notice, we will also require pre-payment at time of booking.

For boat licence pratical assessments, failing to turn up for an appointment without 24 hrs notice may result in failure of the course, or additional charges being levied before any future appointment to complete the course is made.

Online Boat and PWC Practical Policy

We are a small family business with 3 employees.  We offer both online and face to face training, as well as running a driving school so we need to have a policy in place to be able to manage the delivery of all services fairly and equitably.

We are happy to do the practical and written assessments at Warwick most days of the week, subject to other commitments. This must be booked in advance so that a time that is suitable to both you, the customer,  and us, ag licensing,  can be worked out.

We generally do a "face to face" course at Warwick on most Saturdays.  This will be  the best time to do your practical.  Normally about 1-4pm  at  Leslie Dam.

If you are wishing to do the practical at a location other than Warwick, we would ask that you contact us before starting the online theory component so that we can give you the dates we will be available in advance.

We will be aiming to do practicals in the West Ipswich/Lockyer and Fassifern areas on Sundays.  We reserve the right to choose which location we will travel to in these areas.  This may be due to low water levels and demand.

We will always do our best to get your practical assessments done as soon as possible and I am sure we will be able to come up with a mutually beneficial arrangement with a little discussion and give and take.

Failing to turn up to an assessment appointment will not be taken lightly and may result in  additional charges being levied for future appointments or failure of the course.


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